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Kevin Jones, Senior Consultant


Born and raised in Oklahoma, Kevin Jones grew up with a love for the dairy industry—so much so that he has kept his hand in this sector for over forty years. After earning his B.S. from Oklahoma State University, Kevin actively managed dairies across the USA for fifteen years, gaining important working knowledge beyond what can be learned from any books.

For well over twenty years Kevin Jones has been running Ghost Hollow Consulting, focusing on bringing innovation to the dairy world. During this time he has developed a unique set of tools to lead the industry in innovation and effectiveness.

Kevin has a very broad, unique perspective, as well as flexibility, allowing him to work with all types of dairy herds. His strength in transition and herd health is top level, and along with a unique blend of cow and technical knowledge, Kevin is able to identify and solve problems on the farm far more efficiently.

Joe Hageman

Joe Hageman grew up on a dairy farm in Southeast Wyoming. He later studied at University of Wyoming, earning a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science.

Joe worked as a herdsman for a large producer in Wisconsin before coming to work for Ghost Hollow Consulting in 2019.

In his spare time, Joe follows baseball and football and enjoys golfing.

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