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P R E C I S I O N    N U T R I T I O N

      The most effective way to reduce cost and increase production is to feed dairy cattle perfectly balanced rations at every feeding, every day. Increased feed efficiency can only be accomplished when all nutrients—carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals—are balanced.

      GHC Labs is a joint venture with Dairy One Forage Laboratory. This enables us to analyze forages, premixes, TMRs, and individual ingredients to fine-tune ration formulation and monitor feeding programs with finite precision. This gives our clients an excellent advantage in today’s economy with flexibility to offer the most profitable ration formula available.

      Our unique rumenationTM program allows us to design rations that are perfectly balanced with your unique set of forages and commodities. Every dairy has a completely different set of circumstances and obstacles that need to be overcome in order to maximize profitability. This uniquely developed in vitro system uses the unique characteristics of your on-farm forages combined with purchased commodities to create the most precisely balanced ration available.

Ghost Hollow Consulting      GHC Labs      GHC Ag      Blog

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