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R E C O R D S    A N A L Y S I S

      Ghost Hollow has developed a comprehensive set of weekly and monthly reports that analyze every aspect of the dairy. In order to run a dairy at the highest level of efficiency and performance, you have to know “where you are” in every phase of the operation. With this knowledge, the management team can make timely decisions to eliminate the bottlenecks holding back optimum performance.

      To evaluate all areas of performance, we created the Monthly Herd Evaluation program. Production, reproduction, transition health and early culling, overall herd health, and opportunity cost analysis (with a comprehensive description) are all areas thoroughly monitored and evaluated.

      These routine monthly visits allow our expert dairy consultants the ability to troubleshoot and identify issues before they become expensive problems for our clients.

Ghost Hollow Consulting      GHC Labs      GHC Ag      Blog